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LA PLACE & STREETSTAR SESSIONS – is a collaboration between Swedish Street Star and the French La Place to present a wide range of aesthetic and artistic expression and to state that hip hop culture has a place in public stage. The performance has been developed especially for the Stockholm Culture Festival which in 2016 has a French theme. The idea is to create a meeting between the urban culture in Sweden and France for the inspiration and development for future cooperation between the Swedish and French urban dance scene.

LA PLACE & STREETSTAR SESSIONS – Paris and Stockholm at the Stockholm Cultural Festival with the flavor of Hip hop Culture based on a unique collaboration between urban street dancers, DJ’s and MC’s from Paris and Stockholm.

On stage, meet four French and three Swedish established urban dancers, each with their own personal expression and style. A new choreographic works created by dancers base of the experience of the street scene in the Hip Hop culture. The music mixed live by a French DJ and MC for the show. The performance is unique and is based on the dancers; DJ’s and MC’s improvisations, with different rhythms that inspire and challenge on the scene.

In the second act we will present a freestyle battles with the french and the swedish dancers of the showcase teamed up together with local dancers from Stockholm. It will be a positive exchange with all dance styles together on stage. 



Koreografi: Clara Bajado, Viktor Fröjd Dancers: Philippe "Physs" Almeida, Clara Bajado, Didier "Tijo Aime" Fermin, Viktor Fröjd, Antoinette Gomis, Ida "Inxi" Holmlund, , Lydie Lapeste, Niki "Awandee" Tsappos

Production: Streetstar, La Place 

Residencies: La Place Paris, Blå Huset Tensta

Premier: 17th of August 2016

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